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We are thrilled to announce that Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel is now officially Rainbow Registered! This prestigious accreditation, administered by Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC), highlights our unwavering commitment to fostering a safer, more welcoming, and inclusive environment for the 2SLGBTQI+ community. This recognition is not just a badge of honor but a pledge to uphold values of diversity, inclusion, and respect within our establishment.

Rainbow Registered by the Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC)

Rainbow Registered by the Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC)

Rainbow Registered by the Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC)

The Rainbow Registered by Canada’s 2SLGBTQI+ Chamber of Commerce (CGLCC) accreditation is a rigorous process that evaluates businesses on their inclusivity practices. It ensures that accredited entities meet high standards in training, policy implementation, and customer service, all tailored to the needs and experiences of the 2SLGBTQI+ community. At Sheraton Centre Toronto, we have diligently worked to align our practices with these standards, ensuring that every guest feels valued and respected.

Our journey towards this accreditation involved comprehensive staff training on 2SLGBTQI+ issues, revising our policies to reflect inclusivity, and creating a physical and social environment that celebrates diversity. Our staff members are trained to provide sensitive and knowledgeable service, ensuring that all guests, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression, feel comfortable and supported during their stay.

One of the highlights of our commitment to inclusivity is our participation in Pride activities. We are looking forward to an exciting weekend filled with vibrant events and celebrations. Our lobby display, adorned with rainbow colors and inclusive messages, has become a popular backdrop for both new and returning guests. It stands as a symbol of our dedication to the 2SLGBTQI+ community and our celebration of Pride.

The 519

In addition to our visual displays, we have introduced special themed drinks for the Pride weekend. Our Rainbow and Mermaid mimosas have already garnered much attention and enthusiasm. These delightful beverages not only add a festive flair to our celebrations but also serve a greater purpose. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these mimosas will be donated to The 519, a community center dedicated to the advocacy and support of the 2SLGBTQI+ community in Toronto. By enjoying these colorful concoctions, guests can contribute to a meaningful cause and support the vital work of The 519.

The 519 is renowned for its programs and services that cater to the needs of the 2SLGBTQI+ community. From providing safe spaces and counseling services to organizing community events and advocacy efforts, The 519 plays a crucial role in promoting inclusion and equality. Our partnership with The 519 reflects our shared values and commitment to making a positive impact in the community.

Sheraton Centre Toronto, a gay friendly hotel

At Sheraton Centre Toronto, inclusivity is woven into the fabric of our operations. From our amenities to our customer service, we strive to create an environment where everyone feels at home. Our rooms and facilities are designed with accessibility in mind, ensuring that all guests can enjoy their stay comfortably. We also offer various packages and services tailored to celebrate special occasions, making every stay a memorable one. You can found more details about this destination wth the gay guide of Toronto.

Being Rainbow Registered is more than just an accreditation; it is a responsibility. It is a promise to continue listening, learning, and evolving to meet the needs of the 2SLGBTQI+ community. We are proud to stand as allies and advocates, and we invite everyone to experience the warmth and inclusivity that define Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel. If you looking for this destination from Canada, Toronto are a great city to visiting.


In conclusion, the Sheraton Centre Toronto are now Rainbow Registered status by CGLCC marks a significant milestone in our journey towards inclusivity. As we celebrate Pride and look forward to many more inclusive initiatives, we remain committed to creating a space where everyone feels welcomed, valued, and celebrated. Join us at Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel, where diversity shines brightly, and every guest is embraced with open arms.